Maple water is generated from maple sap that comprises of 95% to 97% pure maple water, sucrose along with minerals like calcium, potassium, amino acids, zinc, and other various organic compounds. It goes without saying that drinking pure maple water that is available in Melbourne stores can trigger many health benefits in your body. This natural health drink is great for digestion, effective against inflammation, regulates blood sugar and offers other health incentives. As per some studies, maple water has some chemopreventive effects, which can be really good for patients who are suffering from cancer.

Take a look at the various health benefits that your body can experience drinking pure maple water:

Improves Digestion

Maple sap, which is the source of maple water, is reportedly known for containing oligosaccharides and can be utilised as a great carbon source for lactobacilli and other types of good bacteria. This function of maple water and oligosaccharides can allow better digestion of the food in your body and enhance the overall digestive system.

Regulates Blood Sugar

According to a research conducted on maple water, it has been revealed that the natural health drink contains properties of Abscisic Acid (ABA). This component helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in the human body. That is why health specialists and nutritionists recommend people with type-2 diabetes for drinking pure maple water found in Melbourne shops. Also, drinking maple water daily can be really effective against obesity-related inflammation.

Chemopreventive Effects Helps in Eliminating the Signs of Cancer

Maple water contains bio-active compounds like polyphenols that are basically found in plant foods. After a long research conducted on the maple sap, it was discovered that polyphenols are present in the form of Ginnalins A-C. Further research shows that these polyphenols might have the potential chemopreventive effects that can be useful against cancer.

Get Rid of Inflammatory Diseases

Thanks to its antioxidants rich qualities, maple water has created a rush in the health division and reduced the sales of other health drinks, especially coconut water. Maple water is known to have around twenty-four antioxidants that are present in the form of phenolic compounds. This high antioxidant feature of maple water helps in lowering the likeliness of free radical dysfunction that leads to inflammation. With the consumption of pure maple water bought from Melbourne stores, you can easily reduce the chances of several chronic diseases including arthritis, heart disorders and inflammatory bowel disease.

Packed With Electrolytes

Just like coconut water, maple water also consist electrolytes, which is great for keeping the body hydrated during extreme weather conditions. A packet of pure maple water contains electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Finally, maple water is low in sugar and calories compared to other natural mineral drinks such as coconut water. The calorie count in maple water is 45 cal per 500ml serving, which is comparatively low to other sugary beverages and health drinks. That is why medical professionals recommend drinking pure maple water found in Melbourne stores, as an alternative to other energy and mineral drinks.

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