Blueberries are strikingly coloured fruits that are tiny in shape, but pack a considerable punch in the form of blueberry water and juice. Although they are not so popular compared to other exotic berries, when it comes to fruits that are high in antioxidants and nutrients, blueberries remain at the top of the list. From enhancing your brain health to improving your cardio functioning, the organic blueberry water promoted in both online and offline stores have shown many health benefits.

Considered to be a super-food, there are many reasons why you should make organic blueberry water in Melbourne a part of your daily diet. In order to have a better understanding of the significance of this amazing fruit, take a look at these health incentives offered by blueberry water.

Rich in Antioxidants

If you are looking for one of the best sources of antioxidants, then having a pack of blueberry water can fill your body with several specific types of antioxidants. As per a study, in contrast to strawberries and blackberries, blueberries contain the highest capacity of antioxidants. Not only that having organic blueberry water daily can also provide your body with phenols, anthocyanins, and flavonoids.

Delays Ageing

A research has found out that blueberries are more likely to help you in staying young and since they are great antioxidants, they can easily nullify the ill-effects of free radicals. The blue colour of blueberries, which is due to the presence of anthocyanin, helps in delaying the symptoms of ageing. Besides, the abundance of vitamin C in blueberries is also responsible for delaying the onset of ageing signs such as wrinkles, hair loss, and dementia and so on. Another study based on the organic blueberry water done in Melbourne revealed that it also holds the potential of preventing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent Cancer

Organic blueberry water freshly processed out of the blueberry tree can be exceptionally valuable for people who are suffering from cancer. Blueberries contain particular elements like pterostilbene and ellagic acid, which are known as great solutions for colon and liver cancer. These two elements in association with antioxidants like vitamin C and anthocyanin can do wonders to the body and help in the prevention and cure of cancer.


When you buy a beverage like organic blueberry water from a Melbourne store, you ensure great anti-inflammatory actions inside your body. Blueberries are known to have polyphenols that are useful in decreasing the levels of inflammation and bringing relief to the areas of pain caused by the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory feature of blueberries also come in handy while repairing damages to the cell. Drinking organic blueberry water daily also help in keeping your heart healthy.

Boosts Brain Function

The vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, selenium and anthocyanin and other essential compounds found in blueberries promote the better health of the nervous system. These elements have the ability to heal all kinds of nervous disorders by reducing the chances of damage and death of neurons. These vital nutrients help in restoring the well-being of the central nervous system by protecting the brain cells.

Finally, purchasing a pack of organic blueberry water in Melbourne will make certain the well-functioning of your brain and heart. The endless health benefits offered by this product can easily replace other energy drinks and become your daily health drink.

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