Since ancient times, the coconut water has been the most sought-after health beverage. Although there has been a transition in this trend ever since medical researchers found out the exceptional health benefits of drinking birch tree water. The popularity of coconut water started to fade owing to the arrival of the recent natural health drink called birch water. The mildly sweet flavoured, thin syrup-like beverage promises to trigger many health benefits in your body.

The organic birch water provides your body with lots of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. The mild, silky sap has been used as a health drink in Russia, the Baltic region, and Scandinavia for centuries, as it tastes like maple syrup and quite light in quality.

Here are some of the health benefits that you can achieve after drinking birch tree water frequently:

Reduced Cholesterol Levels

There is an element found in the sap of the birch known as saponin, which has been proved by medical experts to have blood-cholesterol reducing qualities. According to a study, saponin can bind the bile acids and cholesterol that leads to the reduction of the blood cholesterol levels. It holds down the reabsorption of the cholesterol and encourages its excretion.

Improves Liver Health

As mentioned above, birch water helps in removing the toxins build-up, it is a matter of time that your liver will experience better health and solid condition than it was before. Drinking birch water does not only promote liver health, but it also helps in the processing of pesticides, saturated fat, alcohol and other elements that affect the liver. Also, birch water supports the liver with supplementary nutrition such as vitamins, sugar, and other minerals.

Drop in Excess Body Mass

Avail the organic birch water online and you will experience some drop in your weight after some point in time. Some scientists have noted the fact that birch tree water incredibly supports your weight loss efforts. So when you return from your gym sessions or after a vigorous exercise at your home, drinking a bottle of blueberry birch water will act as a weight loss supplement apart from its sweet savoury taste. Studies conducted on this matter has shown that drinking birch water regularly helps to remove excess salt, uric acids, ammonia, phosphates and other impurities in the body. This cleaning action of birch water helps in keeping your urinary tract clean and that is how you are able to lose weight with the consumption of birch tree water. The increase in body weight is due to the build-up of toxins, and when birch water eliminates these toxins, it supplements your efforts in losing weight.

Relief from Joint pain

Drinking organic birch water can offer you a great relief from various types of joint pain. Not only it prevents joint pain, but it also reduces the chances of the pain to occur. The birch leaves are steamed and mashed that reduces inflammation and allows the healing of the joint pain.

Birch water has many other additional health benefits that are still to be discovered. Being the best alternative to coconut water, birch tree water comes in various forms to suit your taste buds and maintain your overall health at the same time.

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